Hamilton is in the House!

With just one month left of her extraordinary show, artist Ann Hamilton is in Seattle for a whirlwind weekend of activities and appearances.

ann hamilton
Photo credit: Chona Kasinger

Today at 12:30, Ann will be leading an ArtBreak through her exhibition. Over the course of the exhibition, many guest artists, scholars, and community members have been invited to share their thoughts on the common S E N S E. We are thrilled to now have the artist herself here.

Tonight, Ann Hamilton and poet Joshua Beckman will host “A Silent Reading” in the galleries. This collaboration between the artists focuses on silent reading as shared experience. Tea will be served.

On Saturday at 2:30, Sylvia Wolf, John S. Behnke Director and organizer of the common S E N S E will lead an ArtBreak and share her perspective on mounting a show of such scope and significance to both the artist and the Henry. It was nearly five years between the time that Ann and Sylvia started talking about what we could do together and the opening of the common S E N S E.

Stuart Dempster and his Bull Roarchestra return with an encore performance on Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The Field of Bullroarers will be filled with the sounds of bass drums, hand bullroarers, and didgeridoos.

Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster performing on February 20, 2015. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit

Capping off the weekend, Ann is the featured speaker at Town Hall Monday night at “An Evening with Ann Hamilton.” She’ll speak about her exhibition at the Henry and about her upcoming public art installation on Seattle’s waterfront, commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Rumor has it there are less than 50 tickets left — get yours now!

Join us for a fantastic weekend!

The Week Ahead @ Henry

Join us at the Henry this week for of music-making, reading, and special art experiences.

ArtBreak with Ann Hamilton
Thursday, March 26, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Join in on an intimate conversation about the common S E N S E exhibit led by the artist herself.

Photo credit: Chona Kasinger
Photo credit: Chona Kasinger

A Silent Reading with Ann Hamilton and Joshua Beckman
Thursday, March 26, 7 – 8 PM

Experience silent reading as a shared experience in this collaborative immersive one-night event with Ann Hamilton and Joshua Beckman.

ArtBreak: Sylvia Wolf
Saturday, March 28, 2:30 – 3 PM
Sylvia Wolf, John S. Behnke Director of the Henry, speaks on focused elements of the common S E N S E.

Photo credit: Robert Wade
Photo credit: Robert Wade

Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster
Sunday, March 29, 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Join us for an encore performance by composer and UW School of Music Professor Emeritus Stuart Dempster and his specially assembled Bull Roarchestra as they respond to the atmosphere and sounds created by the Field of Bullroarers in our lower level gallery.

Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster performing on February 20, 2015. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit
Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster performing on February 20, 2015. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit

The Week Ahead @ Henry

Get inspired by the multitude of art performances, lectures, and workshops happening this week! Also, the cherry blossoms are blooming so take the long way through the quad on your way to the Henry.

Object Narratives: Conversations With the Past – Inspiration and History
Thursday, March 19th, 7 – 8:30 PM
Join Sandra Kroupa, UW Library Book Arts and Rare Books Curator, for her presentation on how artists, researchers, and writers are inspired by connections with historical objects. The materials featured will be similar to those on view in the common S E N S E.

ArtBreak: Video//Yoga
Thursday, March 19th, 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Enrich your yoga experience with Julia Greenway, curator and teacher at Interstitial Theatre. The classes are accompanied by video art and occur the third Thursday of every month.

Julia Greenway leads Video//Yoga.
Julia Greenway leads Video//Yoga.

… that language is shaped air … A performance by Juan Pampin with the Seattle Chamber Players
Friday, March 20th, 7 – 8 PM
Come listen to the Seattle Chamber Players play a piece written by Juan Pampin. This site-specific composition was inspired by the bullroarers in the common S E N S E.

Hugo at the Henry: Sense in Reading and Writing
Saturday, March 21st, 12 – 3 PM
This creative writing workshop is co-presented by the Henry and Hugo House and will be taught by Anca Szilaygi. This class invites participants to reconsider the sense of touch and our relationship with nature in response to the common S E N S E.

Reader/Scribe at Ann Hamilton Opening Day. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit.
Reader/Scribe at Ann Hamilton Opening Day. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit.

ArtBreak: Suzi Kozawa
Saturday, March 21st, 2:30 – 3 PM
Come see and listen to Musician Suzi Kozawa respond to the mechanical bullroarers using her invented “humbow” musical instrument!

Suzi Kozawa performing as part of Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit
Suzi Kozawa performing as part of Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit

Only six weeks left to participate in “Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E”

In just over a month, “the common S E N S E” will close. Don’t miss out on becoming a part of the exhibition!

the common S E N S E opened this past October and has occupied the entire museum with animal specimen images, historic garments, and mechanical bullroarers that have inspired many musical compositions. In this exhibition, Ann Hamilton explores the tangible and intangible ways of touch and the interdependence between humans and other animals.

Photo Booth at Ann Hamilton Opening Day. Photo Credit: Robert Wade
Photo Booth at Ann Hamilton Opening Day. Photo Credit: Robert Wade

Unlike traditional museum exhibitions where one is restricted from touching the art, Hamilton invites guests to take away newsprint images of animals from the walls of the upper galleries and become a part of the exhibition by having their picture taken in a special photo booth. The image is added to the collection of guest photos displayed on the mezzanine.

Threading throughout the museum are shelves offering excerpts of text that reference touch. Hamilton invites guests to read and take away selections of text that are significant to you as an individual. The excerpts have been submitted via the Henry’s Tumblr, Readers Reading Readers. Submissions are still being accepted.

Hamilton also invites museum-goers to become a part of the common S E N S E by signing up to be a reader/scribe. Reader/scribes read aloud to an artifact of their own choosing and use their voice as a form of touch. Check out the video below for an inside view of becoming a reader/scribe:

This blog post was written by Angie Yin, a UW student and Communication Assistant at the Henry.

The Week Ahead @ Henry

Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice Lecture: Liz Craft and Pentti Monkkonen
Thurs, March 12, 7 – 8:30 PM
Los Angeles-based artists Craft and Monkkonen both have artworks displayed worldwide, including Milan, Basel, and Zurich. Listen to what these co-founders of Paradise Garage and Paramount Ranch have to share about their artwork, projects, and contemporary art.

Paramount Ranch. Promotional image. 2014. Courtesy of Liz Craft and Pentti Monkkonen

ArtBreak: Mindfulness Meditation
Thurs, March 12, 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Come de-stress and soak in art during this meditation session by engaging and observing your physical, mental, and emotional experiences.

ArtBreak: Salt Horse
Sat, March 14, 2:30 – 3 PM
Witness a precisely timed dance improvisation in response to Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E by Salt Horse founding artists: Angelina Baldoz, Beth Gracyzk, Corrie Befort, and Jason Anderson.

Image courtesy of Salt Horse.
Image courtesy of Salt Horse.

The Week Ahead @ Henry

Oh man, we are just crawling out of bed after Saturday night’s fantastic Future History Gala. THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported the Henry! We couldn’t do it without you — and we wouldn’t want to.

What’s on the docket for this week? Read on!

SAL U Lectures: Thinking Animals – Species, Power, and the Politics of Care in the World
Friday, March 6, 7 – 8:30 PM
Associate professor of UW’s Jackson School of International Studies and CHID program María Elena García (who you may have been lucky enough to see at last Thursday’s ArtBreak) will be speaking on the intersection between humans, other animals, culture, politics, and how they are all intertwined.

Photo courtesy of María Elena García.
Photo courtesy of María Elena García.

ArtBreak: Robert Twomey
Saturday, March 7, 2:30 – 3 PM
Artist and UW Ph.D. candidate in DXARTS, Robert Twomey, will be exploring questions on interactive artwork and how art identity is achieved through installation and performance. Twomey has also been a vital part in creating the Field of Bullroarers in the common S E N S E. You don’t want to miss out!

ArtVenture with Jessixa Bagley
Sunday, March 8, 2 – 3:30 PM
Author, illustrator, and UW and Cornish College of the Arts graduate Jessixa Bagley will be leading an exploration on the books and stories within the common S E N S E. Bring the whole family for this fun-filled event!

Jessixa Bagley
Jessixa Bagley

Mellifluous Meditation in “the common S E N S E”

Today’s blog post is written by Erika VanHorne, UW senior and choir president of the UW Chorale. 

On the eve of “An Evening in the Galleries with the UW Chorale,” a special event that was held in conjunction with the Henry’s exhibition Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E, I was nervous. This experience was unprecedented for me as a collegiate choral singer – a deliberate inversion of my ossified conceptions of performance, space, and audience. Yet as the choir reverently filed into the gallery that whirred with otherworldly bullroarers, my sense of trepidation dissipated – replaced with a transfixed reverie.

Audience members expectantly dispersed themselves among the jumbled choristers – but my focus was directed at the machines that crescendoed in tandem with our voices. We moved next to the North gallery where canonical choral literature was sung among images of specimens printed on newsprint. The sheets which rippled softly as the audience quietly stepped around us and them. Next, the choir slowly dissolved and dispersed throughout the Henry – allowing singers to wander as individuals.

Photo credit: Robert Wade.
Photo credit: Robert Wade.

These improvisations took on a meditative nature – as I grasped for the names of the immured specimens through song, I induced an inner dialogue on the nature of human-derived taxonomies. In this time of independent song, a fellow chorister would occasionally sidle up next to me – intertwining a voice with mine in unexpected, sublime euphony. As the boundary between performer and gallery visitor also evaporated, I found another audience – the specimens themselves. Through lyrics, these creatures were anthropomorphized with an intimate sonic tactility – at once haunting and familiar.

Although I visited this exhibition at its opening, this event became an unexpectedly meaningful experience for me. Throughout my university experience, I have found that the most enriching experiences are those that transcend the false dichotomy within the arts and academic disciplines. In this interdisciplinary vein, artist Ann Hamilton and Dr. Giselle Wyers, director of the UW Chorale, crafted an evocative, organic experience through an unexpected fusion of song, art, material culture, and biology that challenged my boundaries as a singer and humanist.